Don't give me fish - show me how to catch it.

Welcome to EROGOSA e.V.

- We had a nice day at the Internationales Freundschaftsfest in Hanau.

  • On the page The situation you can catch up on the situation of the young people in Nigeria.
  • Under The project the goals of EROGOSA e.V. are described.
  • With Anselem's story we show the payoff from our efforts.
  • In How to help we present some models, as you can support the young people.
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picture: EROGOSA youth

Dear Sir or Madam,

in the name of the association EROGOSA e.V. I would like to introduce myself briefly. EROGOSA e.V. is a project for less privileged youth in Nigeria, registered with the district court of Aschaffenburg, branch in Alzenau (VR 1384).

Our goal is to offer education and professional training to less privileged youth in Nigeria. Due to the enormous costs (school fees, school material, working material etc.) many young people in Nigeria are not able to complete education and/or professional training.

In difference from our country where school belongs to the everyday life, this young persons in Nigeria would give very much to be allowed to go to school at all and are accordingly motivated and engaged. Where in Nigeria humans get in a future without education and professional training is too well-known to us. A future in poverty and emergency is approaching for them, almost a contest of surviving. Either as cheap workers, they just manage to keep their own and their family's head above water or they tend toward criminality, like frequently it is the case.

With only small means you can help! With only small support you can intervene! With advertance you can change lives!

A Nigerian saying reads:"Don't give me fish, show me how to catch it!" We should give some serious thought to it and take it to our heart.

Support our project as a godfather, as a promoter, as a donor, as an assistant or simply by passing our flyers.

With the alternative as promoter you can cause much with a monthly amount starting at 2,00 EUR, that is hardly noticable with the monthly expenditures; likewise as special donor with used tools, machines etc., that anyway are in your way and take place unnecessarily.

On the pages of this homepage we offer information, from which you can take more details. We hope to have called your attention and would be very pleased with your approach. For the time you dedicated to our home side, we already thank you in advance and remain

Yours sincerely

Andreas Beck (1. Chairman of EROGOSA e.V.)