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The EROGOSA Flyer (225 KB)


EROGOSA is an international partnership with head office in Germany, conducting humanitarian services focused on the Less Privileged Youth (LPY) in Nigeria. And Nigeria, receiving assistance is equally partner at work which not only seeks to alleviate the suffering of the LPY but to give them the means to eradicate their own problems. Our concern is to respond to human needs and showing that reflects our faith.

EROGOSA is an independent humanitarian organisation is not affiliated to any government, denomination, foundation or corporation, though we maintain positive working /cordial relationships with all

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EROGOSA Foundation meeting in Germany

The situation of LPY in Nigeria

Nigeria known for its abundance of oil, giant of Africa, yet sadly, 70 % of the population live in absolute poverty. Therefore there are many young people that are not opportuned and their number increases daily, likewise the suffering. Despite good mark and motivation many youths in Nigeria are not able to finish school or learn a trade due to financial reason.

  What will be their future?

Millions of young people from the age of 5 to 18 years work or hawk in the street or ride Okada to assist their families in ways that are neither harmful nor exploitative. But much more are put to work in a way that drain joy of youthful age and crush the right to normal physical and educational development

They are people who are engaged in the dirty and unhealthy jobs with merge pay. Their lives are catalogued with insufficiency in material well-being, psychological distress, social isolation, lack of freedom of choice and action and humiliation etc.

Okada young people

Waiting for customers.....

The objective of our project

The objective of our project is centred on the welfare of the Less Privileged Youth in Nigeria, those who are exploited, orphaned, homeless, those who survive only to face diminished futures, unable to develop to their full potential not to attend/finish school or learning a profession. EROGOSA project exists to end their suffering by giving them the chance for a better future.

According to our motto we don´t give money, this would be a short-time help, but we want to give the youth help to help themselves, not just for some time, but in the foreseeable future by making it possible for them to attend school or learn a trade.

We are determined to help to ensure that the voice of the Less Privileged Youth will be heard.

The manifesto of the project

The future, well-being of the less privileged youth in Nigeria has always been and remains the focus of EROGOSA-project. Since the year 2004 the existence of EROGOSA project in Nigeria has ignited the light in the lives and families of many LPY through youth sponsorship from Germany and support from some private workshops, hospitals and computer-schools that train our youth with little or no money.

However, EROGOSA project is specifically designed not to be permanently dependent through sponsorship and donations. Through our programs we seek to establish a SKILL AND ACQUISITION CENTRE to enable us to train our youths in the future which involves

  • around 14 equipped workshops as follows
  • some class rooms for theories
  • hostels for youth from far parts of Nigeria

Intended workshops:

  • Automobile mechanic
  • Automobile electrical
  • Panel beating
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry and joynering
  • Blocklaying and concreting
  • Aluminium fitting
  • Electric and installation
  • Shoemaking
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Plant and generator mechanic
  • Auxiliary nursing
  • Fashion and designing
  • Catering/home-management
  • Barbering/hairdressing
  • Farming/agriculture
  • Computer-school
  • Driving school ...etc

We need your support:

A) Youth sponsorship:

Youth sponsorship is a way of raising short term support for a youth whilst providing a rich and rewarding experience to donors. If you sponsor a youth you agree to make a regular contribution for the duration of school/apprenticeship. Youth sponsorship establishes a relationship between a donor and a single youth in a way that personalises the challenges of community development while allowing donors to see how their money is making a difference to the life of an individual youth, family and their community.

B) Trainers:

companies, private workshops of different trades (with min. 10 years experience), computer-schools, hospitals that train one of our youth with little or no money

C) Donation for building the SKILL AND ACQUISATION CENTRE

No amount is too small !

D) Donation such as food, building materials, writing materials, toiletries, etc.

E) Moral support:

people that spread the good news of EROGOSA to the LPY in all nooks and corners of Nigeria and find more sympathisers

F) Manual labour of any kind is highly appreciated


We are committed to make sure your support help those who need it most.